Tokio Hotel Lyrics
Forgotten Children

Just a normal day
Streets turn into graves
Traces have been removed
The search was disapproved
So cold the night
The weak ones lose the fight
How many of them out there
No one seems to care

Lost and so alone - born but never known
Left all on their own - forgotten children
We'll never hear a name - they carry all the blame
Too young to break the chains - forgotten children
They see - They feel
Believe - just like we do
They're laughing - And crying
Wanna live here - Like me and you

Eyes without light
So tired of goodbyes
Never felt embraced
And frightened of every face
A life in disguise

Hope forever died
It shouldn't really be that way
It shouldn't really be that way

We see - we feel
Believe - Just like you
We're laughing - And crying
Wanna live here - Just like you
25.12.09 16:56

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